I thought it might be nice to document my improvement in using my new camera. Hopefully I'll improve....but if not I'll have 52 photos to look at a year from now. One photo a week. Someone or something in my home or yard or life that strikes me ~ for whatever reason.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Look 9

Color Waves

Sunday I learned why I should have bought a spare battery for my new camera. This yarn store was the last stop of a camera happy day. My battery died after eight photos. (sad face)
The colors and textures in the shop were beautiful!


  1. The colours are captured beautifully, but I would have cropped the photo quite severely, to get rid of the distracting background and to really concentrate on the beautiful variegated colours and texture of the yarns.

  2. Love those colors! I used to work at quilt store a lifetime ago, and one of the many beauties we used to sell were beautiful fibers like that. Some hand-dyed.

    Great idea to create this blog for sharing your photos!

  3. This is just gorgeous! The colors and texture blend so well. Great pic! Blessings, Becky G.

  4. Love this one! Such a fun color scheme and great texture.

  5. The colors and textures are wonderful. I also like the previous snow photo! I have to learn to take better photos!

  6. Love the colors there. I feel your pain, we went to a medieval fair one time and I didn't take spare batteries. I got 3 pictures and the camera died.