I thought it might be nice to document my improvement in using my new camera. Hopefully I'll improve....but if not I'll have 52 photos to look at a year from now. One photo a week. Someone or something in my home or yard or life that strikes me ~ for whatever reason.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Look 44

One of my very favorite parts of our recent trip
to Disney World was this little"sidetrip".
We got to enjoy a little "safari".
Yes, we did see some animals ~ elephants, giraffes
and hippos to name a few. But for me
the scenery was defintiely the high point.
I love this shot ~ do you see the elephant
 in the background?!


  1. What a pretty picture and no I didn't even notice the elephant until you mentioned it. I guess I'm not very observant...lol

  2. Is that a boabab tree? It looks wonderful. I am glad you had a wonderful time away. xxx